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Paul Reuben <PReuben@...>

Hello everyone,

As some of you may or may not know, I am trying to find my American
relatives. I have had some new leads, namely that they may be the
EISENBERG's, but I am concerned that I may be barking up the wrong family

In 1944, my great Grandmother Rosie STOPLER (nee PINSKER) received a letter
from her sister Millie in Philadelphia which I now have. I also have two
photo's that may or may not belong with the letter, but were certainly kept
together amongst my grandmothers keepsakes. I have taken the liberty of
uploading the pictures onto the web. They can be found at - amongst the `REUBEN family photo's'
folder. (A bit of an untruth as it's only these 3 pics, plus one of me.)

I know it's a long shot, but if anyone was living in PA in 1944 and/ or
recognises the faces in the pictures (apparently that family could now be
in Florida), please get in touch. Out of all my family research, this is
proving the most enigmatic. Someone, somewhere in the US has no idea that I
have photo's of their mothers or grandparents (and a letter), plus the
delightful fact that I'm a relative - lucky them.

Best wishes to all

Paul Reuben
London UK

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