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David Ziants <dziants@...>

The English name "Abel" is usually the translation of the name Hevel
in the older translations of the Tanach (Bible). This was one of the
sons of Adam HaRishon (The First Man). Hevel was killed by his brother

The name "Hevel" means "worthlessness" in Hebrew, and because of its
negative connotation it is not generally used as a Jewish name.

This does not mean that someone with a Hebrew name like Avraham,
would not choose "Abel" for the English equivalent, because of the
sound alike. A nickname for Avraham can be Avi as the poster mentioned
(but the converse is not necessarily true; Avi might also be a
nickname for Avigdor, Avichayil, Avishai...), and in English the
name Abe might be used. This could be a reason how "Abel" came about.

Shabbat Shalom
David Ziants
Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

From: "Arthur Feinberg" <feinber2@...>

I have an Abel Rosenthal (brother of my GGGF) in my tree >from
Marijampole, Lithuania. It never crossed my mind that "Abel" could be
the same as "Avraham" as I figured they were 2 entirely different
Biblical characters.
However, I recently received an e-mail >from someone who can document that
she is descended >from an Avraham (actual Hebrew name taken off a
tombstone) >from that same time. I also know that the "Abel" in my
records had a grandson named "Abba". This "Abba" had a grandson named
" Avi." This is sounding closer to a Hebrew name of "Avraham."

Am I presuming too much, or is this a possible legitimate connection. I
hope to hear >from Avi, soon to get his exact Hebrew name. Thanks for your

Arthur Feinberg
Kalamazoo, MI

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