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Carol Fairman

My great grandfather Yitzhak CHURGIN had a brother Asher HOOS who moved to
Kansas City. I don't know if it was Missouri or Kansas. He had two sons
William and Alex. I do not know when they moved to Kansas City.

I don't know if I am right but I am thinking it might have been after
August 1923. This is when the aunt of my mother Yache(or Edna in English)
CHURGIN witnessed the murder of Louis SCHWARTZMAN by The Kid Dropper Gang.
The girl in the getaway car I found out >from the New York City Police Dept
was a Rose CHURGIN. I have never heard of Rose CHURGIN but it is too
coincedental not to be a relative. I am thinking that the family may have
moved to Kansas City after this incident.

Through doing the research on what happened to my great aunt, I found the
address at which they were living in 1923. By knowing the address that they
lived at, I found when my great grandfather was natualized. Naturalization
spelled his name Itsock Churkin.

Carol Fairman

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