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Simon Barak wrote:

My uncle's Hebrew name isHonnannu.I've never heard of it and I've checked
several books,but found no listing.Can anyone tell me what it's origin is
or what it means?
This is probably the Hebrew name Khananiah (Hannaniah) pronounced Khonaniu
in Ashkenazi accent

Dr Shimon Barak
Tel Aviv, Israel
Wishing all JewGenners Shana Tova
Researching the following surnames:
BARG, BARK, BARCK, BERG=A0 (Anywhere but especially Ukraine & Argentina;
please visit our Homepage at
MAURER, NEUMANN (Drohobycz, Boryslaw and Lwow)
TACHMAN, TAJMAN, TAKHMAN (Chisinau, Argentina)
HOLZMANN (Przasnysz, Poland and Israel)
SILBERSTEIN (Warsaw and Tel Aviv)

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