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Barbette Bloch asks about a "Kolbisher Rebbe" in the Bronx.

It is probable that her husband's grandfather prayed at the "Shtibel"
of Grand Rabbi Aryeh Leibush Teitelbaum of Kolbushowa, Poland, born in 1888
and died in 1941. He became "Rav" in Kolbushowa, Poland in 1911, and moved
to the U.SA. in 1921. He established a shtibel in the Bronx, NY. The "son"
referred to was probably his son and later his successor Grand Rabbi
Alexander Shmuel Teitelbaum who was born in 1908 and died in 1980.
Though the "Teitelbaum" dynasty (famous for its Satmar branch) traces
its roots to Ujhel, Hungary this particular branch had ancestors in
Kolbushowa for several generations.
For more information about this dynasty or any other please feel free
to contact me directly,

Abraham J. Heschel
Brandler Institute of Chasidic Thought

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