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Dear Jewish Genners

As we approach the Days of Awe, it ought to be possible for us to pause
for a moment >from the busy pace that we all lead on an every day basis.
There is so little time for contemplation or reflection.

Yet we devote much of that time to the vocation of trying, in a very real
sense, to reconstruct the history of our people, to preserve it to show
that Hitler did not succeed, and to pass on to the generations of those
unborn who will yet follow us a detailed account of our generation.

We live in comparative luxury and security, knowing that "never again"
applies to Jews >from every walk of life and >from all national backgrounds.

Why then to we do it? Some do because of a desire to find our relatives,
some to add to the storehouse of Jewish knowledge and some because we feel
it in some sense a religious calling.

In a more profound sense we do it because we have the holy chance to, in
some small way, unite ourselves with the history of the Jewish people. We
can by our little effort join those Jews who perished on Masada, those who
were sent into exile after destruction of the Holy Temple, to join those
who marched into Hitler's ovens. We proclaim that we stand with those who
perished in 48', 53', 67' and 73'.We declare our unity with all those past
and present who will suffer under the yoke of the tyrant.

It is only a little action to research the history of one or two of God's
families, but none the less, "It is God's work". A paraphrase, "He who
restores the memory of just one Jew, restores the memory of all mankind.

On these days before Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, let us re dedicate
ourselves to do just that little more to be worthy of the name Jew and of
a place in his holy congregation.

David Frey

David (Frey)
Researching Beshincovichi, Kaufman, Steinhart. Braf, K'lemnick, Gildinsohn,
Gilden, Frey, and William Walsh (Yes I know!)

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