Re: KAUFMANN in Saxony #germany

P. S. Wyant

Hello, Jeffrey,
You might like to take a look in Menk, "A Dictionary of German-Jewish Surnames",
starting with pp. 417 & 418, to see where in Sachsen your surname KAUFMANN
(and the variants thereof) are found after 1800 although I gotta tell ya,
it's a common surname and there's a whack of 'em ... Regards,

Peter Wyant Rwegina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Jeffrey Leeds Sherman Oaks, California <jamgai@...> wrote:
I learned that my great great grandmother therese KAUFMANN was born and
raised in Saxony. She came to the US aboard the "Harmonia" in June of 1872.
She later married Ignatz WEISS and had ten children.
My question is, since Saxony covers such a large area, does anyone
have any idea where to even start to look?

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