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My grandmother named her child after her father. Two years later, while
expecting her next child, her boy died of scarlet fever. Heartbroken, she
delivered a son a few months later, and wanted to name her new son once
again after her father. But the local rabbi advised her it would not be
"mazeldig" and she was dissuaded.

A few years later, she moved across the country, where she delivered yet
another son. Three thousand miles away >from that pesky rabbi, with no one
to stand in her way, she went ahead and named this son after her father as

So traditions can be circumvented under the right set of circumstances.

Mike Kraft
Seattle, Washington

Is it possible that in the same family, the parents having lost a child,
aged 2, give the same first name to a baby, ten years later.
I have always thought that such practice was not in use, the main reason
being that this could not "mazeldig" for the child.
I've found two death certificate (1819 and 1833) in my family with the same
given name Mosiek and I was wandering if it was not a mistake of the Polish
clerk who did not understood. Thanks for any advice.

Gilbert Hendlisz
Brussels Belgium

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