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Debbie <seraff@...>

The answer is "yes". For more specific information, you may want to check
this discussion group's archives at This question
has been discussed in the past.
Debbie Raff
From: "Hendlisz Gilbert" <gilbert.hendlisz@...>

Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 23:25:07 +0200
Is it possible that in the same family, the parents having lost a child,
aged 2, give the same first name to a baby, ten years later.
I have always thought that such practice was not in use, the main reason
being that this could not "mazeldig" for the child.
I've found two death certificate (1819 and 1833) in my family with the same
given name Mosiek and I was wandering if it was not a mistake of the Polish
clerk who did not understood. Thanks for any advice.

Gilbert Hendlisz
Brussels Belgium

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