INTRO- Families HAMLET, HERZBERG and BRADT #germany

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Shalom fellow Jewishgenners,
MY name is Michael Hamlet, and I am in the forum for 1 year.
I am researching my family tree for about 10 years.
I have not enough information about those persons, and
hope to find more through the forum:
Beate HAMLET b.24.02.1902 in Hamburg, married to August
MOOS, who was murderd in Buchenvald.She survived,and
so her daughter Susan MOOS, who immigrated to U.S.A..
Rolf HAMLET b.25.01.1923 in Bad-Salzuflen,Lippe.
Parents:Richard and Lina[nee BERGER].
He immigrated on 16.12.1938 to England.
Ruth HAMLET b.03.04.1913 in Bielefeld, Lippe
Parents: Louis and Bertha[ nee NATHAN] HAMLET.
She lived in Elberfeld till july 1938 and left to U.S.A.
Ottilie SCHNEIDER [nee HAMLET],born in Schoetmar,
Lippe, she is the sister of Ruth HAMLET.
Ottilie survived the Holocaust.
Fritz Fred HERZBERG b. 11.06.1921 in Detmold, Lippe to
Moritz and Johanna HERZBERG.
He was in the Kindertransport to England,1939 and 1947
left to St. Louis ,U.S.A..
Hans BRADT b.03.06.1876 last address was in Dresden.
He was in Theresienstadt and survived.
I will be gratful for any information about the fate of those persons.
Thank you all,

Michael Hamlet, Zefat, Israel, meky15637@...

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