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Stephen A. Cohen

Name: Stephen A. Cohen (JewishGen #12106)
East Meadow NY (Long Island) - USA
E-mail: <> formerly <>

A success story of what Jewishgen really means, warmth & cooperation!

In 1992, when I first started researching my families, I didn't even know
my original paternal family names of BASIST & SHEINHOUSE. Today I'm in
contact with over two hundred cousins many of whom, I know, my father never

Five years ago, I began searching for a town that my BASIST family
called Kremenshaw. My paternal grandmother Sophie, who settled in New York
City and her brother Samuel (who settled in Memphis, TN) told their
children that it was near Vilna which is now called Vilnius and is the
capital of Lithuania.

After frustrating searches through the available Jewishgen databases and
major libraries, inquiries were sent to Jewishgen's digest. Members
responded that they thought that it was in Poland, Ukraine, even Germany.

Listings in the JGFF (family finder) established contact with two
members Alma Cahn & Steve Sherman who were distant cousins to each other,
both researching GERMANSKY.

Steve had uncovered a very interesting fact that in the building that
the first GERMANSKI family lived in Brooklyn NY, also lived the family
of Wolf & Dora BASIST (Wolf was another brother). Since Steve knew that
his great grandmother's maiden name was Annie BASSIST, he naturally
assumed that they might be related. To this day we are still not positive
of that relationship.

However Steve also had evidence that the GERMANSKI family came from
Voronova in the Lida District of Belaus. As I had still not located my
much sought Kremenshaw, I joined the Lida Research group headed by Ellen
Sadove Renck.

The Vornova yizkor book listed several BASIST families as did several
other towns in that area. Then in 1998, Ellen made a startling find in the
1929 Business Directory - Nowogrodek Province.

This Polish business directory (Lida was part of the Grodno Gubernia
1919-1940) listed a previously unknown town Kreminshok at Latitude:
54 08'Longitude: 25 22'. Voronova was 2.3 miles WNW. This town was not
listed in Where Once We Walked.

What was even more startling was that the town was also called
Germanishki,which was so similar to Steve & Alma's family name of

Recently after an exhausted search for his family town of Kreminchaw David
Harris, researching UMANSKY, found my original inquiry about Kremenshaw by
searching the Jewishgen digest archives.

Dave has since located a 1900 map at the Library of Congress that listed
the town as Kreminzow and on the map as Hermaniszki.

Genealogy may be a difficult hobby for those who do not like working at
it, but I have found that through the warmth of our membership, it to be a
very rewarding past time.

Best regards,

Stephen A. Cohen
East Meadow NY

PS: I am researching the following families:

LEFEBRE: in Rhineland Palat//Belarus:BASIST in Lida Dist; SHINHAUS,
SHEINHOUS, SHEINHAUS,SHEINGAUS in Radoshkovichi, Molodechno
& Smorgon// Galicia: BIRNBAUM,GOLDBERG,LEINKRAM in Krakow;

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