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Mrs. Wegner's theory is quite interesting: IDA derives >from VIDA!?.
Why would the 'V' >from Vida be dropped is quite mysterious, specially
considering that IDA in Spanish means 'journey', so it's a word for
itself, not much to do with 'life'. According to sources of certain
reputation, IDA is originally a Norman name, of Germanic origin. The
name is also associated with mount IDA in Crete.

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>| Subject: RE: Translation of a name
>| From: Judith Romney Wegner <>
>| Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 17:45:48 -0400
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>| >Ida is Greek! It was a very high class name at the turn of the century.
>| >When I was born, 1930, the German Jews were no longer naming their girls
>| >Ida, but many Eastern European immigrants considered it a very
high status
>| >name for a girl whose Hebrew name was Haya.
>| >Ida Selavan Schwarcz
>| >Arad, Israel
>| >
>| The reason why Ida is commonly the secular name for a girl
with the Hebrew
>| name Hayah ("living") is that Ida is popularly assumed to be a
version of
>| Vida (Spanish version for the Latin word Vita, meaning "life."
>| Judith Romney Wegner

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