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I hope someone can quickly direct my next move productively. I've
received a photocopy of a page (#241) >from "the State of Minnesota,
County of Ramsey, District Court, Second Judicial District, ...At a
term of said court now being held, etc." saying "It is Ordered by the
Court that the said I. Carnis be, and is hereby, admitted to be a
Citizen of the United States." (signed) Edward G. Rogers, Clerk, by
M.Norman, deputy.
So it looks like my maternal grandfather really became a US
citizen 12 Oct 1897, because he'd made "the requisite declaration"
etc. and "lived within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the
United States for five years last past, and for one year last past
within the State of Minnesota."
N-o-w: How and >from whom do I find out how he got here, when &
where he came from, when & where he was born, where & when he was
married, where & when his wife was born and her maiden name:
Robbins,Rabinovich, Rabinowitz?), & when & where his four sons were
born, etc.
His first daughter(my mother), was born in St. Paul, MN on 6 Dec
1895 and a second one, my aunt Rose, was born in Boston, MA 14 Dec
1897. Any and ALL guidance is deeply appreciated!
Howard M. Kaplan
Englewood, CO

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