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I have a Xerox of the following newsletter/flyer:

First Vasluier Ladies Auxiliary

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

You are cordially invited to attend a Meeting of your Auxiliary on
Saturday, May 16th, 1936, at 8:30 P.M. at your meeting rooms 14-16
Graham Ave., Brooklyn.


At this meeting there will be --

1. Nomination and election of officers.

2. A Package Party . . Each sister may bring as many packages as
she desires.

3. Second payment of Dues.


Those of us who attended the first Package Party will remember the
enjoyable time had by all. Give us your cooperation . . . Help us to
make this meeting a success.

It is important that you attend this meeting and help elect the
officers of the Auxiliary.


Sincerely your,

428 Kosciusko St., 243 Hart Street
Brooklyn, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y.

NOTE TO BROTHERS: Brother Sec'y Cohen will be present at this meeting
to collect your dues.

P.S. In case of illness, please notify the President or Secretary.

Minnie Rockstein was my grandmother, Mina Segal, born 31 Aug 1881
(daughter of Hyman Segal and Bessie Cohen), Vaslui, Romania, who married
David Solomon Rockstein, born 16 Sep 1888, Suczewa, Buccovinna, Austria

Does anyone know any more about this organization? About Anne Abramson?
Or my ancestors? Thanks.

Ed Rockstein

Dr. Edward D. Rockstein
Columbia, MD

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