JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Father's mid name/son's first? #general

Howard Zakai

My great-grandfather, Jacob Abrams (~1886-1940) was Yaakov in Hebrew.
On the tombstone it says "Yaakov ben Aron."

Now..I have a picture of the tombstone of his father, Aron (~1855 - ~1920)
and the Hebrew says "Aron Yaakov ben Pinchas."

Can anyone offer any perspective about Jacob's first name being the same
as his father's middle name. Doesn't this go against traditional
Ashkenazic naming??

-Howie Zakai
Staten Island & Binghamton, NY
Researching: ABRAMOVICH/ABRAMOWITZ (Silale, Lithuania);
MARK/MARKS (Lithuania, possibly Lida district); inter alia...

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