Re: Kurt HILLKOWITZ of Koln, or his descendants #germany


Good evening,
Joyaa Antares should send a letter to

NS-Dokumentationszentrum der Stadt Koeln
Appellhofplatz 23-25
50667 Koeln


They are surely able to answer some questions!
(But it is vacation time in this area!)

Regards >from Helga Heilbut, Bergisch Gladbach (20 km east of Koeln) Germany

Joyaa Antares Queensland Australia wrote:
My primary research goals are in relation to my ZAUSMER family tree. They are:
1. To track down Kurt HILLKOWITZ of Koln, or his descendants. Kurt was
certainly alive in 1982. I don't know his age or date of birth.
2. To learn anything I can about Berta KAPUSE (nee ZAUSMER), Danzig amber
factory owner, whom I believe to have been declared dead in Germany in May
1945. (I am already in contact with the Danzig SIG, and have been helped by
Logan Kleinwaks). Berta may have had a sister called Nechama ZAUSMER, who
probably lived in Germany, presumably in Koln.

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