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martin solomon <bassdoc@...>

This question is best answered by going over to your area Mormon Temple
and asking them to look it up. They have microfiche format everything
overthere and will order just about anything for you for a moderate fee.
This is a group of people who love to do geneology and they are very
helpful. (Moreover, they do not prostheletize Jews!)

Gary Gluck wrote:

First the silly question...does anyone know why within a 200 mile
radius of Minsk there were 39 shtetl's called Ostrov(in Daitch-
Mokotoff)? Mail delivery must have been a nightmare.

Now for the actual question. Does anyone know whether LDS microfilms
exist for birth/marriage/death records in the Minsk Guberniya? Or if
it is not immediately known if these specific records exist, how does
one find out?

For my own information, what country was Minsk considered to part of
during the 1890's?

Thanks for the help(in advance)
Gary Gluck

MODERATOR NOTE: JewishGen Infofiles are a treasure for all
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