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My paternal grandfather Simon Wolf KYJAWSKI was born in Lodz, Poland circa
1878. Grandfather left Poland (in the mid 1890's) when he was 15 or 17.
After arriving in England, he made his way to Birmingham where he
eventually married my grandmother, Annie Isaacs (in 1901).

So far I've been unable to trace my grandfather's roots in Poland. Two
years ago I wrote to Mr. Symcha Keller of the Jewish Community in Lodz,
asking him to check his records for an Isaac KYJAWSKI (variant spelling
KUJAWSKI), my great-grandfather. Mr. Keller sent me the death certificates
for an Icek (Izaak) KUJAWSKI son of Mojsze who died in 1937 aged 70 and a
Wolf KUJAWSKI (same father) who died in 1936 aged 69, on the assumption
that Icek was my great-grandfather. Obviously, neither of these individuals
could have been my great-grandfather but they might have been relatives.
According to Rabbi Joseph Schachtner of Yad Vashem the Russian "U" is
written as a "Y"; consequently I should be researching the name "KUJAWSKI."
About the same time I also wrote to the Society of Former Residents of Lodz
in Tel Aviv to ask if any of the society's members remembered my ancestors
from Lodz. (I never received a reply so assume the answer was negative.)
Rabbi Schachtner sent me several pages of German and French deportation
lists, including 3 pages for KUJAWSKI >from the Lodz ghetto lists. (Again),
it's possible that some of the victims may have been related to my paternal
grandfather but I have not been able to verify this. Naturally my fervent
hope is that my father's family left Poland before the war (or died of
natural causes in their country of birth).

To the best of my knowledge, my grandfather Simon KYJAWSKI never applied
for British Citizenship; there was no application for naturalization on
file at the Public Record Office at Kew (London, England) Consequently I
have no proof that my grandfather was born in (or at least came from) Lodz.
On his marriage certificate, my grandfather gave his father's name as Isaac
WOLF rather than KYJAWSKI (possibly because by that time my grandfather had
dropped KYJAWSKI and was using his 2nd given name of WOLF as his surname).

According to members of my family, my father's cousin Willie KYJAWSKI and
wife Regina visited the family in England before the 2nd world war (no
date, no year even) while en route for America or maybe Canada (the story
varies, depending on the source.) Because I know so little about Willie and
Regina, I've been unable to find out where they went or what happened to
them, and have given up looking for them or their descendants.

Although I've researched the 19 century (Lodz) vital records for my
KYJAWSKI family (including my grandfather's birth record and BMD records
for his parents and other family members) so far I haven't found any
definite matches.

If anyone is researching the name KYJAWSKI (or a variant thereof), please
contact me privately.

Naidia Woolf
San Francisco, CA

KYJAWSKI, Simon Wolf: Lodz, Poland
DROZDIASZ (DROZDASH, or variant thereof): Karczew, Poland
SAFIRSTEIN (SUPERSTIAN, or variant thereof): Karczew, Poland
ISAACS, Solomon: anywhere in Poland
ISAACS, Sarah (nee Morriss): anywhere in Poland

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