JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Photographing NY Tombstones #general

Herb <herbiem@...>

Check with the cemetery office. They may have a recommendation. Often
the companies that make gravestones or maintain gravesites will provide
this service for a small fee. You can also request a rubbing of the
gravestone which the cemetery office may provide.


Herb Meyers
Boulder, Colorado

Lynda Schnier wrote in message ...

I have several ancestors buried in NY city cemeteries. I do not live
in that area, and would like to have someone photograph their tombstones
so that I can learn the Hebrew names of their fathers. The NY cemeteries
of interest to me are Mt. Lebanon, Beth David, Montefiore, Mt. Carmel,
and Wellwood. I also have a great-grandparents in Los Angeles in the
Mt. Carmel Cemetery. Any advice on finding a photographer for this

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