JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: INS notations on Ships Passenger List #general

Doug Cohen <DMCohen@...>

This is undoubtedly a lookup performed on August 7, 1940 (8-7-40) when the
INS was asked to document to a court that the individual had immigrated on
a certain date and ship, and the INS looked up the manifest entry, and
issued Immigration Certificate No. 2-769948.

The individual appears to have applied for citizenship, and you can get a
copy of his/her citizenship papers >from NARA if you write to them as
described in the JewishGen FAQ.

Doug Cohen
Lexington, MA

<barrychernick@...> wrote:

I think I have read about this subject in the discussion group at an
earlier time. I have searched the site and can not seem to find the
information I am looking for.
The notations entered on the ships passenger pages under the occupation
column are related to obtaining naturalization papers. What do the
numbers mean ?
for example 2-769948-8-7-40
and 2-915214
If someone has a good key to search for the past discussion that would be

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