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Reading about the travails of the group who cleaned up some
grave sites in the Baron Hirsch Cemetery, Staten Island, I must
recommend that you be a little more patient and take advantage of
modern chemistry. All woody plants -- and that includes poison ivy
and English ivy -- can be killed using a good defoliant (weed
killer). There are, if fact, special ones that are particularly
effective on ivies. You spray it on the leaves during growing season
and go away for several weeks. Come back in 3 weeks. If there are
still signs of health in the woody weeds, reapply. Two applications
is normally plenty. It kills the plant and that is the end of it.

Be careful not to do this under trees, since the stuff gets
into the root system and is injurious to the tree. It has no impact
(when used as directed) on grass.

After the ivies have died, you will be left with dead stems
and possibly dead and withered leaves. If this is poison ivy, the
allergenic oils may still be present, so care is called for. But
there will be a lot less "stuff" to remove and, and once cut out, it
will stay removed. If you do not use the defoliant or pull out the
root system (very difficult), you might as well not bother.

Good luck.

Jim Feldman
Newton, MA

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