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Bernie Hirsch <bernie06@...>


I have a picture of my great-great-grandfather's grave from
SCHIRRHOFFEN (Bas-Rhin, France) Cemetary that I need some translation
help with. It is in Hebrew and a little difficult to read because of
the angle of the picture and the sun, but the Hebrew is fully legible.

The picture of the grave is on the ViewMate site at, file VM041. Or you may go
directly to:

My great-great-grandfather's name was Lyon HIRSCH (he was also
sometimes called Lippman HIRSCH, and once called Hirsch HIRSCH). The
2nd line of the Hebrew is his name, as it starts off "ben ..." and
following "ben" it looks like "aleph, lamed, yud, zayen, daled(?),
kuf(?)". His father's name was also Leon HIRSCH. I can't imagine
what that name would be. Also, I would love to get the rest of the
grave translated. There is a slightly larger version of the
photograph at:

My great-great-grandfather's family tree is located at:

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,
Bernie Hirsch Dallas, Texas, USA

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