JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Query about archives in Kosice, Slovakia #general

Rakoff125 (Jfpol) writes:
"my MOSKOWITZ ancestors emigrated >from Kaschau, Hungary in 1880, presently
Kosice, Slovakia. I wonder if others doing family research in this region
could direct me to addresses I might write to in Slovakia for archival
records >from 19th century Kaschau."

There are at least 3 very good films at the FHC >from Kosice and there are
quite a few researchers too. Use the JGFF to find the fellow researchers.
The web site is the home page for the town and has links
to many wonderful pictures. Under the history link is a good deal of
information about the town, you can pull up maps, photos of old buildings,
an aerial photo, cemetary lists for the Jewish and public cemetaries
[I found relatives in both], a list of memorialized WWI soldiers from
Kosice and so on.

The films I used are FHC # 1920775, # 1920776, and #1920777.
Good luck!
Linda Rakoff
Newton, MA
SCHNER-Assakurte, Katlo, Beuthen/Bytom, Danzig, Chorzow [Konigshutte],
Berko, Hradiste, Bratislava, Budapest ,Nyitra, Kosice, Spisska Nova Ves,
Galati; GOLDMAN(N), LANGER -Kosice, Spisska Nova Ves,Bolyar; Miskolc,
Presov; GORDON-Molatai, Vilna; LOW'Y-Hradiste, Spisska Nova Ves;
KOOPER,LISSAUER-Losonc, Miskolz; KOHN, STINGL: Wien, Bratislava
[Surname List edited to allowed six lines - Moderator]

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