Re: The name Pesse #germany

Ury Link

Dear genners
Michael Marx asked:
"I located some new family records at the FHL. My g grandmother's name
(circa 1830) is written as Pesse, a name I've never seen elsewhere.
Is this a diminutive or just an unusual name?"

My answer is, this name is a nickname to the Biblical Hebrew name Bat Sheva
and is very common in the Jewish given name culture. She was the mother of
King Shlomo (Salomon).

You have a lot of variation on this nickname. This name is also one of the
oldest nickname and we find it in the 12 century in Germany . The way from
Bat Sheva to Pesse is: Bat Sheva > (Bas Sheva) - Batya > Basia >
Beselin > Peselin > Pesse.

Few samples of variation on this name : Pesse, Pes, Pesele, Peske, Pesche,
Pesye,Peselin and more. Best regards

Ury Link Amsterdam Holland <uryl@...>

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