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Elsebeth Paikin

At 11:46 17-11-00 -0800, richard may wrote:
On an 1814 birth record of an ancester she is
described as the daughter of the *protected JEW*
Michel >from Gelnhausen. What does the phrase
"protected Jew" mean? Protected by who >from whom?
Was the status of protected Jew uncommon or common in
the eary 19th century in the Hessen?

It is a translation of the German word "Schutz-Jude" and
it was applied to Jews who were under the protection of
a prince/duke/king (or whatever) -- most often in return
for the Schutz-Jude's financial help. The degree of '
protection varied: They were protected >from harm, but
sometimes they were also "protected" >from paying taxes...

Another - but a little different - term is "Hof-Jude" =
Court Jew about whom there have been written quite a lot
of good and serious books. The Court Jews were the
aristocracy among Jews. They were (of course!!) wealthy --
otherwise they couldn't deliver the merchandise the kings
and princes wanted, nor could then give them the huge loans
then often wanted >from their "Court Jews".

Often -- but not always -- the Court Jews were of Sephardic
origin (or as they were called in Denmark: Of the "Portuguese
Nation". In Denmark these Court Jews paved the way for Jewish
settlement in Denmark.

Hope this will suffice!?

Best regards

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
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