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Here's a speculation, based on my experience: The Hebrew name Yocheved
in 19th century Germany was usually converted into Hedwig as a good
"German" name. Similarly, in Poland, Yocheved became Jadwiga -- who was
once a Queen of Poland. Now we know that Esther in Persia was "Queen
Esther" --Ester HaMalka in Hebrew. So maybe our little Jewish girl was
given a double name: Yocheved Esther. It makes sense.

Jim Bennett
There is probably a bit of confusion in your speculation, Jim.

Polish Queen Jadwiga (1374-1399, ruled >from 1384 till 1399), was the
daughter of Louis I, King of Hungary and Poland (Polish: Ludwik Wegierski)
from the Andegawen dynasty. She was canonized very recently (1997) by the
"Polish" Pope Jan Paul II. Queen Jadwiga married in 1385 Lithuanian Grand
Prince Jagiello (Iogaillas) which lead to the estblishment of the
Jagiellonian dynasty and The Commonwealth of The Two Nations.

Queen Jadwiga's grandfather, King Casimir III, The Great (Polish: Kazimierz
Wielki) (1333-1370), the last king of Polish Piast dynasty, invited Jews to
Poland after destructions of over 300 German Jewish communities, and with
the Statut of Wislica (1384) he provided Jews protection >from pogroms and
ritual murders at the hands of the Christians.

King Casimir had been romantically involved with young and beautiful Jewish
maiden. Her name was Esther (Esterka). Invitation of Ashkenazim Jews and
extended to them monarch protection can be directly related to Esther
activities. Thus, we have to be thankfull to two royal Esthers, but not to
the St. Jadwiga, not related to Yocheved.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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