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At 11/19/2000 05:47 PM +0200, Yoav Epelman wrote:

Can someone tell me please what possible name could be Ganendel? It is a
woman's name.
You might check the discussion archives of the last six months or
so. There was a thread about the names Geneshe and Genendel. I've copied
one below >from Udi Cain that might partly answer your question.

According my knowledge is the source of this name the old German Jewish
female name Genendel. This name (Genendel) is a nickname to the Hebrew
Biblical name CHANA (Hana). Why Genendel is Chana ? In German, the root
of Genendel is Begnadigung or Genade. In English it mean pardon,
amnesty and in Hebrew the root Chana have the same explanation. So if
you want to have a "equivalent" to the name Geneshe in English you can
use the name Hannah.
My Yiddish name is Genendel, named after a great, great grandmother. I
don't think anyone in my family knew of the connection to Chana, or any
meaning of the name. I was named Glenda in English because it starts with
a *G*. It could well have been any other name that starts with *G*. As a
matter of fact, my parents considered naming me Genia, but as it was
already the Cold War period, the recommendation was not to give me a
Russian name!! I went to live in Israel in 1967, and since I had no
Hebrew name, I wound up with the name Gila, again, just because it starts
with the same sound.

Glenda Rubin
San Francisco Bay Area

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