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Joey Spector <joeyspector@...>

I am somewhat new to this, and am looking for any info on the following
branches of my family:

STERN- >from somewhere in Russia. The oral history is that they originated
in Spain, then France, then o Germany where they picked up the name Stern,
and then to Russia. My ggg grandfather's name was Raymond. He had eleven
sons by his first wife, and 3 daughters and one son, my gr. gr. grandfather
Frank Stern, with his second wife. Frank (in Yiddish Fraike?/Ephraim) was
bribed out of the Russian military around 1885 and married to Ida Scpiegal.
They emigrated to Philadelphia in 1892 and had 4 children: Joseph (my
great-grandfather b.1893), Elizabeth, Sarah, and Julie.

SCHLEY- may have orig. been Schlyach (? spelling). >from Belaya Tserkov,
Ukraine. My gg granfather was Jesse "Sheeka", married to Jennie "Yente"
Mahalevski b.1875 (have not found this name anywhere!).They eventually
emigrated to Philadelphia. He worked in the garment industry- and was the
president of some sort of labor or social organization. They had 10
children: Elizabeth (my g grandmother), Sam, Ben, Jake, Ike, Stella,
Bessie, Alexander, Moish, and Albert.

KASKEY- I have very little info b/c I think the name was changed upon
immigration to U.S., since Kaskey seems to be an Irish name. Sam and Yette
Kaskey immigrated to Crisfield, MD, and had 4 children: Victor (b.1900),
Molly, Sally, and Sidney (b 1902) I think they were in the funeral business.
They left for Philadelphia b/c of a stong KKK presence in the town. Any
suggestions of possible original surnames would be great- I am stuck!

NEUBAUER- >from Wielkie, Oczy, Poland. Town was called Vilkutch in Yiddish.
Moses and Cecelia (says Cirel on immigration record) had 5 Children: Sarah
(my g grandmother, b. 1903), Isador (he came over on 2/5/1909 on the ship
Dominion via Bremon and Liverpool, which listed his name as Issac), Harry,
Lewis, and Esther. They all came to Philadelphia. Cecelia's immigration
record said she came over on the ship Haverford via Liverpool on August
[not clear] 1910. The name is also spelled Neibauer by some.

SPECTOR- >from Berdichev and Maknovka, Ukraine. My ggg granfather was Moishe
Spector, married to Sura Gittel.Their children were: Paisie married to
Chave Lieberman. Children emigrated to Montreal. Benjamin married to Ida
(Chaika). They went to Boston Bluma married to Isidore Rubin. Also to
Boston. Ruchel married to Israel Lieberman. Also to Boston. Michel married
to Sosie Schupack. They were the first to come to Montreal via Liverpool.

Solomon "Shlomo" married to Rose (my gg grandparents). His children were
Joseph Yoilik married to Miriam. Isaac (b. 1891) married to Gertrude
Carson. Samuel married to Freda Kotlarsky. Pauline married to Frank Bush.
Eva married to Eli Klein. Fannie married to Harry Rubin. Frank married to
Frances Berenbaum. Most went to Philadelphia, except Joseph Yoilik, who's
family went to Cuba, and then to NY after WWII.

CARSON/ KRUSCHEN: the name was changed >from Kruschen to Carson by
immigration officers. Do not know country of origin. My gg grandparents
Michael and Fannie lived in Philadelphia. Michael had a brother who's son
is Jack Kruschen- a popular actor >from the 50's and 60's. (I've think his
mother's name was Ethel and they were >from Manitoba, Canada, originally).
Kruschen seems to be an unusual name- any info on the name or the actor's
family would be great!

PRESSER- >from ? Russia. Yeshua and Rose had 4 children- Doris, Morris, and
Meyer, and Jacob (my g grandfather b. 1894?) who immigrated to Philadelphia
when he was a few yrs. old, married Fannie Ackerman. They had 4 children:
Pearl, Rhea, Doris, and Sidney.

ACKERMAN- >from L'viv, Ukraine. My ggparent's names were Philip and Chaya
Sara. My ggrandmother's name was Fannie. She married Jacob Presser. She had
7 siblings: Jennie, Sadie, Max, Sophie, Sam, Dora, and Pearl. They all came
over to Philadelphia before WWI, except for Fannie, her mother and two
sisters, who came over after WWI. They also had one unknown brother who
died fighting for the Austrian Army in WWI. He had a son named Harry.

Any info would be very helpful, and much appreciated!

Joey Spector New York, NY

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