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Inviato: martedì 21 novembre 2000 19.41
Oggetto: search origin my surnames.

hallo,my name is Dalia and I am writing >from Genova,Italy.
I would like to know if it possible about your opinion if these surname
could be of jewish origin.
the surnames are:
I)Rebecchi(italian variant)
I think that it derive to Rebech/Rebeck/Rybicki/Rebecca.I found some
sthetel that they have same names like:
Rabeki (bielarus)
rebbeke (germania)
rebeci (croazia)

2)Ravecca (italian variant)
The same names are Rawecki,rawicki,ravech,rawack,ravkai.
I found same sthetel too:
ravika (grecia)
rawica-rewica (poland)
revaca (moldavia)
ravichi (russia)
There is a word in hebrew, that is in english old maid,means ravaka... in
italians zitella that is similar at the surname.

What do you think????
Thank you very much

Dalia Rossi.

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