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Barbara <maybug@...>

I have been watching with interest the discussions of names, hoping that
names I am interested in might come up. They have not. So I have another
entry for consideration: The family name BEIFEL is an uncommon one and is
not listed in either of Beider's volumes of Jewish names in the Polish and

Russian Empires. Further, many of the listings I have found on the
Christian Brothers and youth groups, etc.`There is even a photo of three
Japanese youth sitting around a table! The one definitely Jewish listing is
on the 1816 Revision list where I found BEIFEL as a first name of the head
of household in Michalewski, Klucz and as his son's patronymic.

I had begun to wonder until I found the Revision list cited above whether
Beifel was not an example of a sea change name.

I would be appreciative of any input >from others who are knowledge about
Jewish given names and surnames.

Thank you,

Barbara Harris

Barbara Harris

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