JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Marszalkowska Street in Warsaw #general

Fritz Neubauer

Felix wrote:

I have a professional photo with the following info on the back;
Institut Photographique
Sigismond & Co.
A Varsovie
111 Marszalkowska
This is >from a photo of my grandmother, taken sometime before
she came to the US in 1905. I am trying to pinpoint the town she
came from. I believe it would be in the Warsaw area.
This assumption is correct, but it is not a town in the "Warsaw area"
but Warsaw proper where this photograph was taken, because
"Marzalkowska" is one of Warsaw's main streets which is also supported
by "A Varsovie" which is French and means "in Warsaw" in English.

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany (who remembers once walking on
Marszalkowska street)

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