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Cercle de Genealogie Juive (CGJ) publishes a quarterly journal.
This is the summary of the last issue, # 63, Automn 2000.
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My family in Siberia :
In the second part of his family's history, André LANDESMAN takes us toward
Lake Baikal and Irkutsk, where his great-grand­father is a prosperous
businessman. The historical Archives in Saint-Petersburg provide the oldest
information about his maternal grandfather A moving story soberly told.
Several family trees
Genealogy in Corfu :
Family gatherings are popular nowadays. Georges JESSULLA seizes the
occasion of the meeting of the Viterbo and Ferro descendants in Corfu
during Summer 2000 to show his common origin with the writer Albert Cohen
on a family tree
When « Rapschvir» was the capital of Alsatian Judaism:
Denis INGOLD and Gunter BOLL tell the history of the Ribeau­villé Jewish
community >from 1648 to 1750, using documents >from 1702 and 1718, and
earlier tombstone inscriptions. Family charts for the Lang and Rheinau
families illustrate the text. The explanatory notes are as authoritative as
the main discourse, both deserve in-depth reading
A trial among two Jewish families (1563-1581) :
The trial extends over several years. Pascal FAUSTINI has translated and
analysed the some 100 pages of the file, has located it in the political
and historic context of the time, when the first Jews settled in Metz in
In a second part, he intends to show the genealogical ties of his
characters with the Jewish fami­lies in Metz during the XVIIth century. The
paper is illustrated by several original documents
Jebenhausen, Alsace and America :
Eliane Roos SCHUHL wonders why the sons of the Levi family >from Jebenhausen
in Wurttemberg emigrate to America in the 1830ies, while the girls marry
Alsatians. A reproduction of the parokhet of the aron-ha-kodesh >from the
synagogue illustrates the article
Recent Events
Gilbert DAHAN is a historian of the mediaeval Jews in France. He draws the
attention on a group of individuals trying to wipe out street names such as
«rue aux Juifs» (Jewish streets) or "rue de la juiverie" (Street of the
Ghetto), which witness the presence of Jews in France for many centuries.
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