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Arnie Levine <arnie@...>

I am posting pictures VM091/092/093/094 of unknown relatives >from either
the Laskowitz (Lascoe, Lasko), Czusik (Sherman), or Schectman (Rich) branch
of the family, Origination of the family should be either Narodichi, Russia
(Ukraine); Sarnovichi, Russia (Ukraine), Ksaverov, Russia (Ukraine) or the
Kulesze area of Poland.

Thank you,

Arnie Levine
Chicago, Illinois USA

Researching the SCHECTMAN (changed name to RICH) Family, the family is from
UKRAINE Sarnovitchi (Sarnovichi, Korostensky Raion, Zhitomirskaya Oblast),
from Ksaverov (Ksaveriv, Malinsky Raion, Zhitomirskaya Oblast) and from
Malin (Malyn, Malinsky Raion, Zhitomirskaya Oblast); the CZUSIK (changed
name to SHERMAN) family >from Narodichi and Chopovichi (Volhynia Gubernia
and Zhitomirskaya Oblast); the LASKOWITZ (changed name to LASKO or LASCOE)

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