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Moshe Schaeffer ( wrote:

If my grandfather ran for The Assembly in the 7th assembly district where
would I find information about or about him. His name was Morris
What kind of information would I find? Thank you for all your help.
If you mean the New York State Assembly, then the 7th District today
encompasses a large part of Suffolk County, Long Island, New York,
including the town of West Islip. The district may have encompassed other
areas in previous years.

The current assemblyman for the 7th District is Thomas F. Barraga, who was
first elected to the Assembly in the 1982 General Election.

Thomas F. Barraga has a webpage online at:

...which might be useful. He also has an address listed at:

Maybe you could write to him and see if he's heard of your grandfather?

- Brooke Schreier
asparagirl at dca dot net
Philadelphia, PA

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