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Sally Bruckheimer <sallybru@...>

"One of the things we at the Brandler Institute is working on is getting
copies of lists of names that was used by Rabbinical courts in Eastern
Europe - such lists would include every Jewish name and its relevant
"nickname" in use before the war. Since this is type of material is not
sold, we hope to work with the peresent day Rabbinical court system in
acquiring these lists. Perhaps sometime in the future we culd create a
database that could be place on the web."

The more I read of your e-mail the more upset I become. You at the
Brandler Institute assume that every Jew in the world should work off of
your list of what names were used by the Rabbinical courts in Eastern

How about my German, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, English, Turkish, and
even Moroccan Jewish ancestors. How about Syrian, Iranian, Indian,
etc. Jews.

This is Jewishgen, not 'Eastern European Jewishgen' so don't expect for
the Jewish genealogical community to be ruled by what the Rabbinical
courts in Eastern Europe think Jewish names should have been.

Sally Bruckheimer
Buffalo, NY

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