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Mrs. Sally Bruckenheimer has recently expressed her being "upset" at my
messages regarding Yiddish names. Though I truly regret unwillingly
causing her pain by seemingly ignoring her non Easter-European ancestors,
I am very surprised by her accusations. My postings were merely a response
to numerous requests on this list, as well as dozens more sent to me
privately by members of this list regarding Yiddish names of their
ancestors. I obviously was responding and referring to these when I
mentioned establishing a possible database for these researchers. Perhaps I
should have stressed that I meant "every Jewish name used in these
countries" but I thought that it was self explanatory.
I would be glad to work with Mrs. Bruckenheimer in obtaining and
establishing databeases of first names and their equivalents for other
countries as well, and I feel that Rabbinical courts is the best place to
start. I never insinuated that such a database shold be a criteria but
rather a finding aid for researchers.
Indeed this is "This is Jewishgen, not 'Eastern European Jewishgen", and I
would be very happy and fascinated to learn more about the names of other
countries. I think that instad of criticizing my attempts to join many
others in trying to help researchers working on Yiddish names, Mrs.
Bruckenheimer should contribute to this list information regarding given
names of Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, English, Turkish, and even
Moroccan Jewish ancestors that could be useful to us all.

Abraham J. Heschel

Brooklyn NY

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