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To: Yoav Epelman

I, too, am looking for information on my grandfather and his family from
what was them called Bessarbia.

Actually, until a few months ago, I didn't know that the place >from which
my grandfather came was called "Bessarabia".

I had been looking for information about Kishinev, a town (capital)
originally of Romania, and then later a section of Romania taken over by
the USSR. Kishinev then became part of what is still called Moldava (or
Moldavia). My mother is the one who told me that years ago, that that
part of the world was also called Bessarabia.

My first suggestion would be to go back and find out which _town_ or city
your relatives were from. See if any of your family members have any hint at all.

I am sending you a couple web sites I quickly searched to find history
information and maps that might help you. The history web-site below
gives along explanation of that area of the work, and Bessarabia is
mentioned toward the bottom.


This next site is a map site. I picked out the specific map that had
Bessarabia in it. Late 1800's? Kind of hard to read, but it helps.

This site hows one of several maps of that area in the world from, I
believe, 1892. If you look at it carefully, Bessarabia was this sliver
of land west of Podolia and Kherson. The city I mentioned before,
Kishinev, spelled Chisinau (I believe) in Romanian, is on the East side
of Bessarabia.

Bessarabia seems to have been what is now (or in part, now) part of
Moldava. It has lots of towns listed there. Perhaps you can use the
names of the town to do your research from, and find surnames you are
looking for associated with those towns.

Hope this helps.

Lilli Sprintz

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