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Al G. M. <almucida@...>

Hello to all,

My name is Alvaro and I'm brazilian. Since I´m very interested in genealogy,
I have done some research about my roots. My greatfather was Italian and
his surname was MUSSIDA. I ended up getting to know some Italian relatives
and one of them is also interested in genealogy. He was able to build our
complete genealogical tree >from the 1600´s and the first record of our
family in Italy is >from the 1400´s. He told me that there´s a hipotesis
that the origin of the Mussida was the arrival in Italy of a person who
was >from Navarra, so possibly this person would have a surname which would
be Mussida or something like this (in my case, Italian Mussida turned into
Brazilian Mucida so another surname could have turned Mussida in Italy).

Since I have researched for a long time my roots in Italy, I simply dont
know where to start seeking Spanish / Sephardic surnames. I actually dont
have any concrete evidence that it might have a sephardic origin, but I
decided to try because of the meaningful presence of Jews in Spain in that

So I would appreciate very much if :

1) Anyone could give me historical facts that support/deny the idea of
Jews >from Spain going to Italy in the XIV/XV centuries. What about Navarra,
is there any particular evidence there? Were there many Jews there?

2) Anyone know any sephardic surname that might sound similar to Mussida?
Does it sound to have a Jewish root?

I would appreciate any other tip/idea to help my research.

Best regards,

Alvaro Guimarães Mucida

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