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Ada Greenblatt <ada.Greenblatt@...>

I am in final throes of completing a very extensive JewishGen ShtetLinks
page for my ancestral shtetl of Seta/Shat, Lithuania.

This page can currently be viewed on my home page at:


It is not yet ready to be uploaded to the JewishGen server because I am
still in the process of getting the necessary copyright permissions for the
English translations of articles on Seta/Shat that were originally
published in Yiddish or Hebrew texts (these articles will not be put on my
website unless and until I get that permission). In that regard, can
someone please tell me who to contact for the following:

A. Berl Kagan's "Jewish Cities, Towns, and Villages in Lithuania until
1918: Historical-Biographical Sketches" which was self-published by the
author in 1991 in Brooklyn, NY. Berl Kagan is deceased. Who can grant me
the permission? Hope I don't have to do an heir search. < vbg >

B. "Lite, Volume 1", which was edited by Mendel Sudarsky, U.
Katzenelenbogen, and J. Kissin. Published in NY in 1951 by the
Jewish-Lithuanian Cultural Society. The copyright ran out in 1998 (47
years after publication), unless it was renewed. The Jewish-Lithuanian
Cultural Society existed only until 1965, so I have a feeling that the
copyright for "Lite, Volume 1" was _not_ renewed. Does anyone know for sure?
Would someone in Washington, DC be willing to check this out for me at the
Library of Congress in exchange for a comparable amount of genealogical
research that I can do in a New York City archive, library or cemetery?

C. "Encyclopedia Lituanica", which is in English, was published in 1970 in
Boston, MA by Juozas Kapocius, presumably another case of self-publishing.
Can someone in Boston please give me the address of whom to contact? If it
is not listed, any other suggestions?

Ada Greenblatt

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