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Udi Cain

An elderly colleague of mine has an ancestor Mentain/Mantayn endelsohn
who lived in Schneidermuhl in E Prussia.

Q1. I have searched the archives and find no mention of the first name
Mentain. Can anybody provide any information about it. pls?
Q2. StetlSeeker does not have a Schneidermuhl listed although there are 3
references to this site, one of them suggesting it is now in Poznan
province. Stetlseeker now offers "Chendremal" as a town in Romania, 360Km
NW of Bucharest. Is this the former Schneidermuhl?

Vernon Kronenberg
Dear Vernon et al.

Schneidemuhl is today Pila, North of Poznan (Possen) and west of Bidgoszcz
(Bromberg). Today it's in Poland but it used to be in Prussia.
My Arenheim family came >from there. My grandfather's foreign name was
Your Mentein hears like it could be the same name. Also Mendelson is more
likely than Endelson, although there is also Hendelson.

Regards. Udi Cain.

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