JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Seek Help with New Jersey Deaths: Are there Deth Indexes? #general

richard may

Dear Jewishgen community,

I am seeking the *death records* of two great
grandparents who died in New Jersey after 1899( I do
not know when),probably in Camden,New Jersey.

Are there indexs to death records? Are the indexes (if
any exist) by county or for the entire state? Do the
LDS Family History Centers have them on rolls of film?

Can New Jersey death indexes (if any) be accessed on
the *internet*,such as through or another
paid service or somehow,without charge?

Is the death record information available through
1930? What is the legal cutoff for availabity for a
direct descent relative?

Thank you very much for any help or information!

Richard W.May
Buffalo,New York,U.S.A. < >

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