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Larry Blumenthal <LarrBlue@...>

This is my first post to this discussion group, but I've been reading the
digests for a while now. Good stuff.

I can empathize with "family disinterest". At a family reunion a few years
ago, I handed out entire Family Trees with a form for people to fill out to
give me more information. Out of more than 25 handed out, only 2 or 3
returned their forms in the mail! I promised that everyone who returned the
form would be on my "mailing list" and receive all future updates of the
tree-- but I guess that wasn't enough of an incentive. Perhaps if I had
included a stamp...

My current mailing is to "suspected" relatives whose addresses I got on the
Internet. This time I'm only sending them a single page of the Family Tree
with their name highlighted. I'm offering them the incentive of getting the
whole Family Tree if they respond with the form filled out.

I wonder if people think it's too personal or instrusive to put down their
birthdates, marriages and divorces, and stuff like that? I know it's
frustrating. Even my sisters have not given me requested information. And
when I made a recent discovery of relatives in South Africa and Australia,
one said that she "didn't know we had relatives in South Africa" when all
along it was in the tree that I had distributed at least THREE TIMES!!!

The question of whether to put an adopted child in the tree raised another
question/issue for me. In my immediate family, one of the children (I won't
say who) was born out of an affair between the mother and another man. It's
common knowledge among the immediate family but probably no other family
members know. How would I put this in the tree? Does it belong there? Could
I be sued for "publishing" this information when the tree gets on the
Internet? Any opinions or similar issues are welcome.

-Larry Blumenthal

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