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Udi Cain

I dont have any indication about that my ancestors might have been Jewish!I
would like to discuss all the possibilities >from my surname. For me the
idea, that maybe one of my ancestors, because of religious persecution,
converted to the catholic religion, is not "that impossible." What do you
think about my idea?

Thank you for your opinions!

Christof Schick-Fernandez
Dear Christof et al.

I'll open with regret that I can't deal about Theology since I'm secular.
But I can assure you that it's a possibility because such things happened in
huge amounts, and the Jewish nation lost millions of members who were forced
to convert to Catholicism.
Also we know of Jewish families by the name Schick, >from Hungary, from
Germany and >from Belarus. There were amongst them important rabbis' and
physicians. In encyclopaedia Judaika, they have articles about at least four
important Jewish characters >from the Schick family, >from 18th century to
last century.
Best regards >from Jerusalem (>from the eye of the storm). Udi Cain.

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