Re: The family name BEHLE #germany

Ury Link

Dear genners, Benyamin Behle asked:
"1. the name BEHLE sources ? 2. how this name came to my family ?"

My answer is:
You have 2 explanations, the first explanation is that this name derives from
the feminim Yiddish name Bella. Bella is a very common name in the Jewish
name culture and for this name are 2 sources, one >from the Latin meaning
Beautiful, or >from the Biblical name Bilha.

The second option is that this name is a Toponim (a place name). I look
into the Internet and find this site:

This place was in district Czarnikau ,Posen. Perhaps >from this place we
have the family name Behle.

In the book : Duden, Familiennamen, Dudenverlag Mannheim 2000 on page 114
I read that the name BEHLE derives >from the place names Beel in
Niedersachsen, Beelen in Westfalia, Behl in Holstein, Behla in
Baden-Wurtemberg, Behle in Brandenburg, Bela in Bohemia.

Mt opinion is that the best solution is the place name Behle in Posen.

To the question how the name came in the family I cannot give a answer.
You must to do a lot of research to find it.

Best regards Ury Link Amsterdam Holland <>

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