Re: INTRO - Seek BEHLE from Lissa / Leszno, Posen #germany

Martha Lev-Zion <martha@...>

Shalom, Benny!

On 08 Aug 2007 "Benyamin Behle <> wrote:
1. the name BEHLE sources ?
According to Lars Menk's magnificent book, "A Dictionary of German
Jewish Surnames", BEHLER comes >from the female given name Behla. I
would assume your name probably comes >from the same source.

2. how this name came to my family ?
Probably a surname taken >from a female ancestor.

3. is it possible to find out, if there are more Jewish
families,named BEHLE ?.
You should register your name[s] in the JGFF so that other people can
find you should they be looking for like names. I couldn't get in
there to check for you.

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