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steven weiss <szome@...>

You can learn learn where Army units served during World War I >from the
following book:

Order of Battle of the United States Land Forces in the World War

Volume 1, published by the Center of Military History

United Stated Army, 1988

My grandfather also was at Ft McDowell, CA and served in the Philippines
before being sent to Siberia as part of the bizarre AEF Siberia mission.
You can read about my grandfather and the AEF Siberia at:

Steven Weiss

I'm trying to find out where his units served. I know that at some point
in time he was in the Philippines.
I sent an email to the Archives, but never got a reply. Is there a
military source? Something in the public library? Try the Archives again?
Perhaps another JewishGenner had a relative in the same units...Any help
would be greatly apprecitated.

.Nov 1907-Oct 1910 Company A, 3rd Regiment (Infantry) Columbus Barracks, OH
Oct 1910-Oct 1913 23rd Regiment (Infantry) Ft McDowell, CA

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