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DrsJavinskyLittle <SusanLittleDVM@...>

Dear Genners:

I have posted the Polish birth record for my husband's gg grandfather on
ViewMate - file VM112.

I believe I have translated the following information correctly:

Israel Icyk Dziewiecki born Feb ?, 1849
Father: Kalma Dziewiecki, age 37
Mother: Ruchli Ickowicz, age 25

I cannot read the date in February that Israel Icyk was born and I cannot=

decipher the occupation of his father or where he lived. Could a kind
genner please have a look for me?

Thank you in advance !

Susan Javinsky
Ottawa, Canada
Researching: DZIEWIECKI, PALESNICKI (Dzialoszyce, Poland)
WEINSHENKER (Warszawa, Poland), HUSNEY (Aleppo, Syria)

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