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Dear Genners,

I thought I would respond to Richard May's letter this way, rather than
privately, because there are probably a lot of people who would like to get
NJ vital records. It's not that hard to do. There are no LDS indexes
available, so you have to go through the state. I recently did this.

Just write to: State of New Jersey
Department of Health and Senior Services
P. O. Box 370
Trenton, NJ 08625-0370

They will do the research for you. Just provide a name and a location (city
or county) as a minimum. Any other info such as address, parents' names,
date of death, next of kin might help, also.

The cost is $4 for each certificate. They charge an extra $1 for each year
that is researched. Make check out to New Jersey State Treasurer.
Turn-around time is about 4 weeks. Not such a bad deal. If you have extra
cash and a short attention span, you can call 1-800-669-8309 and request the
records through "Vital Chek", and can get records quicker ( 8-14 days
through US Mail, or 5-7 days through Federal Express for an extra $14.75).
There is also an $8.95 charge for credit card use thru "Vital Chek." Good

Arthur Feinberg
Kalamazoo, MI

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