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Claudia Oliver <falcieri@...>

Dear List,

I am trying to research my g-g-g-grandfather in Italy.
His name was Giovanni Battista Falcieri and though I
don't know it for sure I am lead to believe that
Falcieri is Venetian in origin and that it is Jewish.

Falcieri was a gondolier by trade and was born in
Venice in 1798. His father's name was Vincenzo. In
1831 Falcieri came to England and married a C of E
English Woman in London in 1849.

I have found only 30 people with the surname Falcieri
left in Italy and have written to them all. One of
them came back to me saying that it was a Jewish name
in origin and it is interesting that there is a rumour
in our family that one of our relatives was Jewish so
this could well tie in.

However, I have been unable to find out much about the
surname. It seems to be extremely rare and I am
confident that my relation was the only one of that
name to ever set foot in this country. I am in the UK
but desperately trying to piece together the story.

Any help gratefully received as I have reached many
brickwalls and need a break through!

With regards and thanks in advance for your help.

Claudia Oliver

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