JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen ViewMate (VM129) -- My GGGMother's Maiden Name #general

Mark Halpern <Willie46@...>

I am hoping that some kind JewishGenners with Cyrillic skills can tell
me the transliteration (and possible derivation) of the maiden name of
my Great-great-grandmother. This surname is framed in view VM129 which
can be accessed at <> and
listed under "Help with Translations - Polish-German-Russian."

The surname is extracted >from the 1871 Tykocin Marriage record of my
great-grandmother's brother which was obtained >from the JRI-Poland
Polish State Archives project. The name has been transliterated by
three Russian speakers who disagree on the transliteration.

I think ViewMate is a great idea and a great help for those of us who
are language challenged. I will make a contribution to JewishGen for
the great help that ViewMate is providing and urge eveyone who has
used ViewMate to do the same.

Please respond privately to <>.

Thanks in advance.

Mark Halpern
West Conshohocken, PA
SHAPIRA, MAKOWSKY, PANITZ >from Bialystok, Grodek, Tykocin,
Ciechanowiec, Kolno, Sokolow -- all in Poland

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